Welcome! - please read

Here you can post anything that doesn't fit in the other subforums.
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Welcome! - please read

Postby Getstreme » 20 Jun 2015, 20:35

Hi there,

Welcome to this brand new forum! Right here, we can discuss anything going on in the Ex-Yu aviation world, as well as beyond that.
This forum consists of some subforums, sorted by country. Each subforum has got a few standard forums. Anyone is free to post other topics too.

Currently, some topics are a little empty. We like to get all topics filled with information in the coming months, just as has been done in the B&H Airlines topic. People wanting to help with that are always welcome.

Moreover, there is one moderator right now, for the Macedonia subforum. In the future, we would like to attract other moderators for the other subforums as well.

If you sign up, you can easily see all active topics, and you can see the new posts that have been made since your last visit. It is also possible to send messages to other forum users.

Have a lot of fun using this forum!

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